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  • Custom Private Site

    Your site is not public. Share the photos, memories, biographies, and more only with your family

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  • Save Memories

    Store family memories such as a picnic, photos, events, and more

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  • Bring the Family Together

    Private messages, calendar events, comments on photos and memories. Share only with your family.

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fambook is a custom and private website for your family.

Only the family members you allow will have access to your account. Only family members will see photos, memories, events, messages, and comments. We believe the family experience should be private, not shared with millions of people.

Welcome to Fambook



A private way to store and share all your family memories, photos, and history.



Your account is not public. Only family members can see your family account.



Any family memory that you have, along with a photo, date, location, and comments.



Save biographies for living family, deceased family, family pets, etc...

Family is the most important thing in the world.

- Princess Diana -


Here you will see a biography for every family member that you add. You can add current family members, or family members that lived in the 1800's, family pets, etc...

  • Images of all family members
  • Biography page - update your profile or any ancestor
  • Send a private message to any family member
  • Add a family member that is passed away, fill in their biography
  • Control accounts using the "ADMIN" feature

Timeline of Memories

Any family memory that you have, can be uploaded to the system, along with a photo, date, location. This can be anything from a birthday party last week to a story about your ancient ancestors. All family members can comment on each memory as well.

  • Post current, future, or past memories
  • Add a location, date, pictures, and description of the memory
  • Make comments on the memory
  • Search / Sort by year, month, or day
  • Keep your memories shared only with your family

Event Calendar

Have an event coming up? Post your event and tell your family members. Then, each family member can confirm their attendance with "Yes" "No" or "Maybe". Write comments and updates too so you can keep your family organized.

  • Organize your family events
  • Family members can confirm if they are attending
  • Show the address and time for easy coordination
  • Write comments to keep family members up to date on any changes
  • Easy central location to ensure everyone is up to date


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