A private way to store and share all your family memories, photos, and history. See below for more info on features.


Your account is not public. Only family members you choose will be able to see your family account.


Any family memory that you have, along with a photo, date, location. All family members can comment on each memory.


Save biography for every family member that you add. You can add current family members, deceased family, family pets, etc...


Start by building your profile "PROFILE". Then if you are an Admin, begin adding family members on the "BIOGRAPHIES" page.


Read the below to learn how to use and operate this service. Any direct questions, just email us! We will work hard to respond quick.

Any family memory that you have, can be uploaded to the system, along with a photo, date, location. This can be anything from a birthday party last week to a story about your ancient ancestors. All family members can comment on each memory as well.
Here you will see a biography for every family member that you add. You can add current family members, or family members that lived in the 1800's, family pets, etc...
You can send a private, secure message to any family member.
Those old family albums tend to get dusty and barely used. Upload all your family photos here and put them into unique albums. Store your photos and videos safely, forever.
Have an event coming up? Post your event and tell your family members. Then, each family member can confirm their attendance with "Yes" "No" or "Maybe". Write comments and updates too so you can keep your family organized.
By default your account is set to say "fambook" on the navigation menu. But, in your settings, you can customize it however you want to say anything. For example, you could have it say "The Smith Family" on the navigation menu.
Customize your family tree in settings. You can identify any family member with any title (for example: father, grandmother, or even best friend, etc...)
We are providing a service that is secure, and private. You no longer have to share family members with random people on the internet, this is a private custom website that allows you the confidence that you are not sharing your private family memories with the whole world. You only share with those that your family chooses.
We backup all the data and keep your information saved so you can ensure you keep all your memories forever, and your childrens children will still be able to access them. Giving you peace of mind.
Our online payment system is secure.
We are constantly looking for motivated people that believe in the family experience. Contact us now to inquire about open opportunities!
Our USA headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA. We are looking to open regional offices throughout the country, contact us to learn more about our opportunities.
Contact us now to learn more about opportunities in the UK. We are expandig rapidly internationally and are looking for positive employees that believe in the family experience.

We love our customers, if at any time you have questions, or want to propose a new feature to the site, great! We listen to our customers and work to make you happy.

Keep you family memories forever. We have strategic operations to keep your information private and secure.

This is your site, you are not sharing your information with anybody except those you choose

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FamBook was fouded based on the simple principle that families do not want to share their private memories with the world. This is your site, your memories.

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